Posted by Mike on July 1, 2009

Online Cinema Mode Annouced for Uncharted 2 and More Movie Info

uncharted2story1aLast night on the Playstation Blog, the developers of Uncharted 2, Naughty Dog, had a developer chat and during that chat a few interesting tidbits about the upcoming game and movie were released. The biggest announcement for Uncharted 2 was that they were adding a special mode called “Online Cinema Mode”. This mode allows you to go back and view any match you have played and view the match from any angle, mostly like Halo 3’s replay mode. All of these recordings from this mode can be uploaded and viewed by anyone on the PSN, but most will use this new mode to brag about their beat downs of friends.

Also during the developer chat a young lady named Amy asked how the movie was going along. The Developer responded saying, “We’re really excited about the development of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune as a movie — we’ve been working with Arad Productions for the last year-and-a-half or so, and couldn’t be happier about their enthusiasm for the project.”

So there you go folks, its been in development since pretty much the end of the first game, which is kinda surprising and not. First off, Uncharted was pretty much a movie in itself so that’s the not so surprising. What is surprising is that the game was a very very new IP, why would you make a movie over an unheard of game?

What do you guys think?

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