Posted by Mike on June 30, 2009

Sony Patents Technology For Cell Processor Emulation of Emotion Engine

free-playstation3Early today news broke out about a find on a new patent from Sony. This new patent shows that Sony is definitely working on a way for the Cell Processor to emulate the Emotion Engine, but really the hardest thing to emulate is the graphics synthesizer from the PS2, as they technically emulate the emotion engine on the 80gb machines with 80% playability. With this emulation ability all PS3’s would have PS2 playback, even though on the 20gb and 60gb really don’t need it.

There are also reports on neogaf that this emulation has been in all PS3’s since 2.10, but has been deactivated because of how poor it runs. This has to be based on Sony not being able to crack that graphics synthesizer as stated before. Again this does not promise Full Software based emulation as there have been other patents on the Emotion Engine emulation, but maybe just maybe Sony has finally cracked it.

Here are some pictures submitted for the patent:

Check It Out:

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